Tim & Ashley Stuart

“When making decisions that affect your life in such a big way, there is no one I would rather have to guide me than Litton Mortgage. I have personally watched the way that this Christ based business has given back to the community, in ways that are almost unheard of.When we were in the market for a new home, I knew my first call needed to be to Litton Mortgage. They went over and above when it came to helping us. In the end, what was best for our family at the time, was to wait. Litton Mortgage could have easily guided us down a path that we did not need to take at the time, but instead, they put our family first because their number one concern was not to benefit their company, but instead to BENEFIT MY FAMILY long term. Their love for the Lord, and for His people, are unmatched! I can truly say that Litton Mortgage is a company of strong integrity, who strives to meet the needs of others, and make a difference in the lives of others.”